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Half Life 2

Half Life 2 Cheats for PC

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Released: 11/16/2004
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  - Cheats -  

To Enable Cheats

Start the game, go to the Options screen. Click on the Keyboard tab, the the Advanced button. Check "Enable Developer Console."

Bring down the console, hit the ~ key.

To enable cheats, type “sv_cheats 1” into the console.

Result Cheat Code
No damage god
Never Die buddha
Infinite power for your suit infinite_aux_power
All weapons and ammo impulse 101
Kill all npcs in the area npc_kill
Enemies don’t attack notarget
Walk through walls noclip
Spawn a scout car ch_createjeep
Spawn an airboat ch_createairboat
Skulls impulse 102
Shows frames per second in game cl_showfps 1
Creates an NPC npc_create

Get Items
Bring down the console, enable cheats by typing “sv_cheats 1,” then type "give" followed by any of the following:

  • item_healthkit
  • item_healthvial
  • item_box_buckshot
  • item_box_mrounds
  • item_box_sniper_rounds
  • item_box_srounds
  • item_battery
  • item_suit
  • item_ml_grenade
  • item_ar2_grenade

Get Weapons
Bring down the console, enable cheats by typing “sv_cheats 1,” then type "give" followed by any of the following:

  • weapon_ar1
  • weapon_ar2
  • weapon_bugbait
  • weapon_cguard
  • weapon_molotov
  • weapon_manhack
  • weapon_immolator
  • weapon_irifle
  • weapon_crowbar
  • weapon_extinguisher
  • weapon_flaregun
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_gauss
  • weapon_alyxgun
  • weapon_hopwire
  • weapon_iceaxe
  • weapon_physcannon
  • weapon_physgun
  • weapon_pistol
  • weapon_rpg
  • weapon_shotgun
  • weapon_smg1
  • weapon_smg2
  • weapon_stickylauncher
  • weapon_stunstick
  • weapon_thumper
  • weapon_sniperrifle
  • weapon_rollerwand
  • weapon_slam
  • weapon_hmg1
  • weapon_cubemap
  • weapon_binoculars
  • weapon_ml
  • weapon_brickbat

Load Maps
Bring down the console, enable cheats by typing “sv_cheats 1,” then type "maps." Load a map by typing "map" then any of the map names below :

  • d1_canals_01
  • d1_canals_02
  • d1_canals_end
  • d1_tempanals_02
  • d1_town_01
  • d1_town_02
  • d1_town_03
  • d1_town_04
  • d1_town_05
  • d1_trainstation_01
  • d1_trainstation_02
  • d1_trainstation_03
  • d1_trainstation_05
  • d1_under_01
  • d1_under_02
  • d1_under_03
  • d1_under_04
  • d2_coast_01
  • d2_coast_02
  • d2_coast_03
  • d2_coast_04
  • d2_coast_04_dx60
  • d2_coast_05
  • d2_coast_06
  • d2_coast_07
  • d2_coast_08
  • d2_prison_01
  • d2_prison_02
  • d2_prison_03
  • d2_prison_04
  • d2_prison_05
  • d3_c17_03
  • d3_c17_04
  • d3_c17_05
  • d3_c17_06a
  • d3_c17_06b
  • d3_c17_07

  - Hints -  

Water Damage/Airboat Level

  • If you're stuck at a ramp that's going in the opposite direction of where you need to jump, go under water and look under the ramp. You'll see a basket type thing with a blue barrel in it. You need to grab two more blue barrels where the sewage tubes are. Grab them and put them under the basket. You'll see the ramp start to float upward. Once it does, jump your airboat over it.

  • If you find yourself stuck at a point where there is a large closed dam gate to the left and two wrecked boats to the right, TURN AROUND. YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!
  • You'll need to backtrack 2-3 load screens until you reach a red barn-like building. There, you'll find an elevator. Park the airboat on it and take it down.

      - Walkthroughs -  

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    Half Life 2 Tweaking Guide by Leftos 14k

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