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Playboy: The Mansion Cheats for XBOX

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Released: 01/25/2005
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  - Cheats -  

Everyone Remains Naked

Enter this code at the "Press Start" screen.

  - Unlockables -  

Unlockable outfits

Complete these objectives to unlock these outfits

Artsy Bunny Shirt Cover Shoot Karmyn Chase during Mission 5
Leopard Flares Hold the sex grotto part in Mission 7
Barely There Plus Sign Carmen Electra in Mission 8
Plaid Skirt Hold special parties for your staff, playmates, and girlfriends in Mission 7
Playboy Mini Get Markus a high Romantic relationship with a girl in Mission 6
White Peek-A-Boo Get Penny or Sandra as your girlfriend in Mission 8
Stars n' stripes Make Wendy and Ciro fall in love during mission 8
Shoulder Wrap Get a romantic relationship between Karmyn and Builder in Mission 6
Retro-Zip Front Force the two feuding staff-mates to make up in Mission 4

Unlockable items

Complete these objectives to unlock these items

Brass Bed Complete Misson 9
Leg-O-Lamp Do an intimate action with a girl in mission 3
Bunny Back Complete Mission 3
Butt'r'fly Hold the fundraiser in Mission 5
Massage Table Publish an issue in Mission 2
Ultra Extreme Dance Publish Karmyn Chase on the cover in Mission 5
Obsession Find Ken Willard in Mission 5
Michelangelo Publish Playboy Philosophy in Mission 4
Olivia's Hef Complete Mission 4
Regency Chair Complete Mission 8
Regency End Table Complete Mission 6
Regency Rug Complete Mission 11
Regency Sofa Complete Mission 10
Trampoline Get two girlfriends in Mission 3

Unlockable areas

Complete these objectives to get access to these areas

Pool Complete Mission 1
Grotto Invite the agent to the special party in Mission 4
Clubhouse Complete Mission 5

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