I’m Jake and I have always enjoyed being able to manipulate systems, whether it’s in video games or anywhere in life. This has lead to me joining and participating in numerous underground gaming communities, learning about hacking games, as well as using cheats in many games that I play today.

I’ve often encountered games that were quite a lot of fun, but let me down a bit with frustrating game systems like punishingly low health, infrequent checkpoints, and monotonous systems. After you’ve picked your 500th lock in any of the Elder Scrolls games, you’re probably a bit tired of doing it. With a game cheat, you can disable a system like this, or make it incredibly easy to get around, letting you have more fun if you’re on your 150th hour of your Skyrim playthrough.

I started CheatsAhoy to highlight and share the best cheats for singleplayer PC games, as well as hacks for multiplayer titles. There are some cheat providers that rise above the rest, and deserve your clicks or business. I also wanted to share more information about game cheating as this is such an area of interest for me. So I hope you’ll enjoy the content we have, and find something of use. Thanks for stopping by!